I was looking to sell two rental properties in Las Vegas. I interviewed several of the top ranked listing agents in Las Vegas. Jeff was consistently the most responsive, pleasant, and knowledgeable. We choose him to represent us. There were a few tricky items to navigate in order to sell. The homes had long-term tenants that I needed to vacate, I live out of state, the condition of the homes was unknown, and I have no local contacts or connections. Jeff did an amazing job of convincing the tenants to move out peacefully, finding local contractors to make necessary repairs, staging the properties for maximum appeal to buyers, and negotiating higher sales prices. Jeff is also very tech-savvy which was a big plus for me being a remote seller and busy with work. Text Messaging, electronic signatures, pictures and videos helped make this a smooth and paperless experience. I look forward to working with Jeff again on our new home purchase and sale.