How Our Home Value Estimator Works

We Partner With the Best

We partners with the best real estate data provider in the business to deliver you the most accurate automated, on line home valuation report possible. We work together with our data providers regularly to update pricing trends and analytics making our valuations.

Better than Zillow.

Local Knowledge – Big Data

New Door Residential we combine our local knowledge and big data analytics get the edge over the competition. Our team of market research analysts, have more than 20 years of local Las Vegas real estate experience. We work together with our data providers to manage buyer and seller trends and pricing changes to make sure we are always in step with the market.

Experienced Top Agents

No Home Value Estimator can guarantee to be 100% accurate, which is why you need an experienced top local real estate agent who knows your area and neighborhood well. One that can personally evaluate the features and benefits of your home and help plan a strategy to sell your home fast and for more money.

New Door Residential agents are Las Vegas market experts

Every Las Vegas home and neighborhood is unique and our experienced real estate agent understand the nuances. New Door Residential agents sell similar homes in Las Vegas every day. Our online home value estimates can’t possibly know all the unique features that make one home or neighborhood better than another, but our agents do. Our agents stay on top of the housing market and see the emerging trends in real time. Even before they’re reflected in the numbers.

New Door Residential Agents are on your side.  We have proven track records and we are committed to putting your needs ahead of everyone else’s.  In real estate, you really need a trusted and experienced real estate agent on your side.

Get a Professionalized Home Valuation

Request a free, no-obligation consultation with a New Door Residential Listing Agent. We’ll get back to you right away.

Serious About Selling Your Home?

Then our on line Home Valuation Report is just the beginning. Las Vegas Home prices have been going up and your home could be worth much more than you think. Let’s see if you’re sitting on an opportunity to by a bigger home, cash out your equity, or downsize. Use your Home Value Estimate report as the basis to start the discussion with our one of our real estate Listing specialists.

With our Home Value Estimate report, our custom marketing plan, and the experience of one of our top local real estate agents, you will be ready to play hard ball.

Us our Home Value Estimate Report, comprehensive marketing plan, and experienced real estate agent to plan the best time and price to sell your home at to make sure you sell your home faster and for more money.


Sell Your Home Fast and For More

We have a proven track record for selling homes in Las Vegas fast and for more.  Work with our marketing team and with one of our top real estate agent with a proven track record of selling homes like yours for top dollar.